Therapeutic Intervention Services

Corporate Compliance

As approved by Therapeutic Intervention Services Executive Management Team, this plan is intended to serve as a guide for each employee’s and volunteers day-to-day conduct so that TIS fulfills its obligations to observe laws and public policies affecting its business. TIS will make every effort to work fairly with the organization’s clients, family members, employees, volunteers, and the communities in which it operates. This plan constitutes TIS policies and procedures for detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse. It is the responsibility of every employee as a condition of employment to know about and adhere to the Corporate Compliance Plan. All employees and volunteers must understand that it is their obligation to assure they are adequately educated to perform their jobs in full compliance with the law and organizational policies and procedures. A goal of these written standards is to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in the provision of healthcare items and services to patients and customers and in the payment or reimbursement of these items and services by Medicare or Medicaid. The standards of conduct described in this plan are intended to generally define the scope of conduct that the plan covers. The standards of conduct in this plan cannot, nor are they intended to, cover every situation that a TIS employee and/or volunteer may encounter. In many cases, these standards exceed the standards required by law. However, no set of standards can substitute for the personal integrity, good judgment, character, honesty, and common sense required to meet the challenges of working in healthcare. Failure to observe the provisions of this plan can result in consequences to an employee and/or volunteer, up to and including termination and/or criminal investigation, and to the organization, up to and including criminal prosecution, substantial monetary fines, and the loss of organizational integrity. Every employee and volunteer will have access to a copy of the Corporate Compliance Plan (posted on TIS web page). When the best course of action is unclear or if an employee, volunteer or affiliate observes a violation of standards, persons are urged to seek the guidance of or report the violations to their supervisors, TIS Corporate Compliance Officer Eric Foushee. All reports are confidential and the reporter remains anonymous. All TIS employees and volunteers have the responsibility to report any actions that they believe, in good faith, may violate the standards of conduct in this plan or damage public trust or organizational image. It is Therapeutic Intervention Services duty to protect those who report potential incidents of malfeasance. Employees and volunteers having knowledge of retribution or retaliation due to the reporting of malfeasance should promptly report the information to the Compliance Officer or appropriate supervisor. As an organization, TIS accountability is then evidenced by: –Taking disciplinary action against employees and volunteers who have violated internal compliance procedures or applicable laws or who have engaged in wrongdoing –Investigating and remedying identified systemic and personnel issues –Promoting and adhering to compliance as an element in evaluating all staff This is in accordance with the intent of The Section 6032 of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Please click the above hyperlink to review the content of Section 6032.