WE ARE Therapeutic Intervention Services Inc.

Organizational Profile

Therapeutic Intervention Services is a leading provider of behavioral health care and support services in the state of Virginia. TIS delivers community-based treatment, support and services for persons with severe mental illnesses, children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. We offer community-based services for adults and adolescents with addictions and/or behavioral difficulties.

TIS believes that treatment should focus on treating the whole person and not just the symptoms that the person may be currently experiencing. All of our staff are highly competent and qualified to provide quality clinical care and treatment. We would like to opportunity to show you how we can “Change Tomorrow Today”. 

statements & teamwork

Mission Statement

The mission of TIS is to provide profound services and resources to consumers in our care. Our efforts will be displayed through our staff's ownership to help, protect, and enhance our consumer's overall well being.

Vision Statement

The vision of TIS is that all persons affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions and abuse live satisfying, productive, and valued lives in our community and be treated with respect and diginity.

Teamwork approach

TIS strongly believes that treatment should include more than one person. We ensure that we dedicate 2-3 individuals in one's course of treatment either through weekly clinical case staffings or supervision.

Ethical Principles

Our general ethical principles reflect the organization’s fundamental commitment to provide competent mental health and substance abuse services to our consumers and stakeholders.


All employees are expected to perform their work assignments competently and in a professional manner. At all times they are a reflection of TIS whether actively working or not. 

Dignity and Respect

Employees respect the human dignity and worth of every individual served regardless of their disability and/or demeanor.


Employees practice within the limits of their competency as defined by training, licensure, certification, experience, and the boundaries of assigned roles within the agency.

Integrity and Evidence-Based Practice

Employees provide services with integrity and consistent with evidence-based practices. TIS promotes continuing education for all its staff including management. 


Employees promote the independence and autonomy of TIS clients and seek to increase their involvement with natural supports and community resources. 

Billing, Documentation, and Internal Controls

Employees comply with all laws and regulations governing billing and internal controls and provide services while adhering to the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.

The Philosophy of TIS

These principles guide the internal and external operations of our organization

We believe in the dignity and worth of all individuals, and all of our actions reflect this belief. 

We believe that, in order to develop effective and efficient services the community must be actively involved in the service planning, fund procurement, resource allocation, service delivery, and evaluation of those services.

We believe that services provided have the best outcomes when directed at self-sufficiency, independence and/or interdepen­dence, resiliency, habilitation, recovery, and health.

We believe services are best provided in the least restrictive, most culturally normative setting based upon the preference of our consumers.

We believe that services should enable natural support systems of family, friends, school, etc. to function in conjunction with TIS and interventions should be no more intrusive and last no longer than necessary to ameliorate symptoms.

We believe services should be available, accessible, appropriate, and of high-quality to all persons in our community without regard to race, creed, religion, sex, ability to pay or disability.

We believe that our organization is responsible for the efficient and effective utilization of resources and we will communicate our efforts and effectiveness in meeting our mission to the community in a timely, understandable, and consistent manner. 


Therapeutic Intervention Services (“TIS”) is a leading provider of behavioral health care and community based mental health services in the Virginia area. 

TIS is widely recognized for innovation and effectiveness in the fields of mental health, addictions treatment, and prevention. TIS is a for-profit corporation and state-designated regional behavioral health and community based mental health services provider. 

TIS delivers community-based treatment, support, and services for:

  • persons with severe mental illnesses (for example, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, chronic depression)
  • children with a severe emotional and behavioral disorders
  • persons using/abusing alcohol and drugs

uStart with a call to our Access Line which is our main office number. This is the doorway to Therapeutic Intervention Services and the network of available resources within our region. Services include telephone screenings, referrals, access to community resources, and appointment scheduling. To begin, call 757-410-0382 in the Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmoth, Newport News, VA Beach, and Norfolk or (434)-791-3950 in the Danville, VA area. 

TIS is licensed by the state of Virginia as a community mental health provider. Our clinical staff, such as physicians, psychologists, nurses, and clinical social workers are also licensed by the state. TIS is actively pursuing accreditation through the Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). TIS expects to be accredited prior to 2014. 

This will be evidenced by your progress with treatment. You will receive a comprehensive clinical assessment and the licensed therapist makes a recommendation on the services you will be recommended for. Once the services are recommended a counselor will begin working with you after we receive authorization from your insurance provider.  We work with you to develop goals that you desire, that are person centered. At this time if treatment is not going as you planned please ask to speak with a supervisor to determine how we can best meet your needs. If at any time you are unsatisfied with the services being provided please speak with a supervisor to tell them your concerns. If that does not resolve your concerns you are free to seek services from another provider which we would assist you with accessing.